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BGK’s precision-engineered solutions offer curing capabilities over a full range of coatings including liquid, powder, wax, UV and adhesives. BGK solutions can be found across the globe and in a wide variety of manufacturing settings. Product technologies include infrared curing, gas ovens, conveyors, reciprocators and a full line of controls. BGK portable infrared curing arms are found in almost every USA-based automotive OEM touch up area as the standard for excellence.


BGK was formed in 1980 by Chuck Bergman, Rick Ganyo and George Kraun and then purchased by Carlisle Fluid Technologies. BGK Finishing Systems is known for the design and manufacture electric infrared curing systems and industrial coating process conveyors that are sold around the world.

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  • Infrared curing chamber

    BGK design and manufacture electric infrared curing solutions. These solutions work with all conveyor types and are available in boosters, ovens or combination systems. We use infrared solutions to cure powder and liquid paints, and several other types of finishes and adhesives.

  • BGK Chain on Edge Conveyor

    Designed to convey parts through coating booths, ovens and cool downs and features variable track height adjustment.

  • AutoCure Infrared Portable Curing

    The BGK AUTOCURE™ line of Infrared heaters provide users with a wide range of solutions to fit their production needs. BGK Infrared Emitters incorporate unique shortwave T3 emitters exclusively manufactured for BGK equipment. Providing the most efficient heat transfer –direct and penetrating – BGK T3 emitters maximize your process and productivity. Halogen gas filled clear quartz tubes include tantalum discs, tungsten filaments, stainless steel leads and durable ceramic end seals, BGK Emitters provide direct, reflected and convective energy spanning all wavelengths. Rated with 5,000 hour lamp life, proprietary BGK systems routinely experience lamp life of 10,000 hours or more delivering great value.

  • Hot Air convection oven provides the cost-effective solution for startups requiring batch parts processing capabilities, and Gas Ovens offer the best alternative in areas where electricity costs are high.

  • BGK offers a proven line of curing technologies and now expands its product offering with the introduction of the Gas catalytic Infrared Ovens. Proving faster process times than convection style ovens resulting in less equipment and floor space. Gas Catalytic IR ovens can improve quality and consistency of finish for powder or liquid applications.

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